Why do we celebrate Rakhi (Raksha Bandhan) in India? What is the significance?

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan

“Raksha Bandhan”, the sacred bond of protection between a brother and a sister. In India, the full moon night that falls in the month of “Shravan” is celebrated as “Rakhi Purnima”. Rakhi is symbolized by a thread that the sister ties around her brother’s wrist. She wishes for his good health and well being in general. The brother promises to provide her protection from evil forces.

It is a festival that celebrates the bond between a brother and sister in India. Cousins and extended family are included. Though, it can be extended to neighbours or people unrelated biologically. Festivals all over the world are an occasion to get together and bond around rituals and food with friends and family. Rakhi is no different. People travel long distances to be with their own ones with whom they share ties of love.

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan

As with every festival, raksha bandhan is marked by preparations for the special day. A week or so before the day, sisters throng the market scouring for the best “rakhi” they can afford to buy.

It could be a simple, colorful thread or an elaborate one with intricate designs on it. Some women prefer to make their own adding a personal touch to it. Brothers also buy gifts for their sisters.

On the morning of rakhi purnima, brothers and sisters wear clean clothes and go through the rituals. A “thali” is prepared with a lighted lamp, the rakhi, sweets, and a sindoor-i tilak. The sister ties the rakhi around his wrist. She rotates the thali in front of him a few times, saying a prayer. A tilak is pasted on his forehead and sweets are fed to him. The elder brother may proceed to bless the sister, following which she receives the gift from him. The brother may also feed the sister and follow it with hugs.

Viewed in a larger context, the celebration can be extended beyond the brother-sister relationship to include neighbors across boundaries, others from a different religious background. It is essentially a bond of love and protection and can signify universal brotherhood of mankind. It is in this spirit that the Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore called upon Hindus and Muslims of Bengal to come together and celebrate their brotherhood. He inspired them to unite against the oppressive forces of the British Colonial rule.

In India, it is celebrated in many states with some variations. In modern times, when brothers and sisters are geographically separated, sisters choose to still post the rakhi well ahead of the day so that the brother receives it on time to wear it.

A Gift for Rakhi

Distances don’t fade the bond they strengthen it. If you are away from your brother this rakhi why not send a beautiful gift online.We offer a few different things that you could send as gifts for e.g. Roses.and Eggless cakes.

Bonds transcend regional and geographical boundaries, ethnicity, bringing about harmony and love. Some relations emphasize this bond more than anything else. Raksha Bandhan is one of them.

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