Top 10 Cake Recipes From Cake Shop in Mumbai

Top 10 Cake Recipes From Cake Shop in Mumbai

Moist… soft crumbs…super delicious toppings…glittering cream…mesmerizing look. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about the fabulous and most sought after dessert – CAKES. For celebrating any occasion, there can’t be a better way other than cakes. And how does it feel if we say all these cakes can be prepared in your kitchen. To guide you in the preparation, we have selected the top ten cakes that are worth to be baked and tasted again and again. Let us admit - it was a very tough task of picking the all time top ten, but we loved this adorable trouble. All these recipes have been tested and tasted by us, indianbaker.com, the leading online cake shop, Mumbai and we are glad to share them with you. Kudos to those recipe holders, bake and have fun.. Delicious fun.

Top 10 cake recipes from cake shop in Mumbai

1) Easy Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting Delectable good old carrot cake loaded with rich cream cheese frosting. What a combination of perfect moistand hint of spice - Brilliant crowd pleaser. Easy carrot cake with cream cheese frosting Click here to get the Carrot Cake Recipe

2) Strawberry Cake - No wonder, this most amazing strawberry cake is the favorite of any party. Each tender bite bursts o ut rich flavor of strawberry - Seriously scrumptious Heart Shape Strawberry Cake Click here to get the Strawberry Cake Recipe

3) Milk Cake - Who said simple cakes can’t create a delectable magic? Within a jiffy, this homemade cake can heighten the spirits to seventh heaven – Absolutely delicious Milk Cake Click here to get the Milk Cake Recipe

4) Black Forest Cake - The creamy chocolate is nothing but heaven right on the table. Smooth, dark, and rich chocolate bar and cherries pop up a joyous ride. - Signature chocolate Black Forest Cake Click here to get the Black Forest Cake Recipe

5) Eggless Pineapple Cake - Fluffiness of pineapple blended brilliantly with the silky cream. This sponge cake with chopped pineapple presents eternal delight - Simply amazing Eggless Pineapple Cake Click here to get the Eggless Pineapple Cake Recipe

6) Chilled Mango Cheese Cake - The awesome king of fruit takes the centre stage with hung curd and cream.This no bake is the yummiest dessert for summers- Sumptuously divine Chilled Mango Cheese Cake Click here to get the Chilled Mango Cheese Cake Recipe

7) One Bowl Chocolate Cake - One of the rich and fluffy chocolate cakes that happily surprises any chocolate buffs. It is worth to indulge in this awesome taste of this lovely cake - Devilishly yummy One Bowl Chocolate Cake Click here to get the One Bowl Chocolate Cake Recipe

8) Chocolate Chip Nutella Swirl Banana Bundt Cake with Nutella Glaze - No words can explain the perfect sync of banana with chocolate. Add to it a swirl of hazelnut’s nutella to wow your taste buds- Heavenly indulgence Chocolate Chip Nutella Swirl Banana Bundt Cake Nutella Glaze by-Five Heart Click here to get the Chocolate Chip Nutella Swirl Banana Bundt Cake Recipe

9) Southern velvet Cake - The most stunning combination of ingredients of buttermilk and cocoa yield the rich frost of a moist cake - Lavishly creamed Southern Velvet Cake Click here to get the Southern velvet Cake Recipe

10) Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake - Confused to choose between a cookie and a cake? Why not a combo of them? This simple choco chip cookie cake is sure to win hearts. - A perfect showstopper Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake with Milk Chocolate Frosting by sallysbakingaddiction.com-3 Click here to get the Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Recipe

We are very passionate about baking. Place your orders offline at our cake shop in Mumbai. You can also place orders online visit on www.indianbakers.com. Do feel free to share these recipes with your mates and enjoy baking together. Let us know how you got on with the recipes and don’t forget to leave your comments.

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