The Best Online Birthday Cakes Delivery

The Best Online Birthday Cakes Delivery

Some of our mouth watering, most delivered Online Birthday Cakes are

1) Half Kg Chocolate Truffle

This is an absolute treat for chocolate loves. Made with fresh cream this cake will melt in your mouth in seconds. Great option for birthday cake delivery.

2) 1 KG White Forest Cake

Beautifully decorated with white chocolate flakes and bright red cherries, this cake is sure to make your day!

3) Vanilla Mix Fresh Fruit Cake Half KG

This is a cake fit for a special person! Vanilla cake with fresh fruit topping will leave a lasting flavour of fruits in your mouth.

4) 1 KG Mango Cake

This cake is one of our most loved seasonal cake for birthdays. Made with fresh mango puree, cream and mango slices will be loved by all. Treat your loved one by ordering this delicious cake online.

5) Half KG Pineapple Cake

With pineapple in season this cake is made with fresh cream and pineapple slices. Beautifully decorated, this cake is fit for all ages and occasions.

6) Dark Chocolate Fruit Cake 1 KG

This is what I call heavenly food! This cake is the most delicious dark chocolate cake you would have tasted ..give it a try today and get this birthday cake delivered to your doorsteps.

7) Butter Scotch Cake

Celebrate your birthday with butter scotch cake and indulge in real butter scotch flavour. Truly delicious!

8) Half KG Strawberry Cake

Tempting and delightful strawberry cream cake is hard to resist. Suitable for parties and special occasions. Would you love to have a bite of this tempting cake? Order one today and fell the flavours dance in your mouth.

9) Choco Chip Cake 1KG

Mouthwatering and yummy this choco chip cake is hard to resist. You are sure to get a piece of chocolate in each bite.

10) 1 KG Black Forest Cake

Black forest cake decorated with vanilla icing and topped with grated chocolate and cherry. Get this cake delivered online for your dear ones birthday and surprise them.

The Best Online Birthday Cakes Delivery

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