Different Types of Cake Icing

different type of icing

Everybody loves some yummy icing on their cakes isn’t it? So which one is your favourite? Buttercream or Royal icing? Can’t differentiate between the two right? Well then, this article is just for you! You will be surprised to know that there are several types of icings that make your cake so delicious. Next time you request for online cake delivery be well informed about the type of icing you would like your cake to have.

1. Buttercream

Buttercream Cake Icing

This soft buttery icing is prepared with butter , icing sugar and milk. Sometimes fondant icing may also be used instead of the regular icing sugar to produce smoother and softer (in texture) buttercream. Buttercream is one of the most common and widely used cake toppings .It can be easily spread over a cake or can be piped into several patterns. Buttercream can have different colors and falvours to suit everyones taste. Buttercream does not last for several days and its icing melts easily and hence needs to be kept cool. However, buttercream hardens on refrigeration. Sounds great isn’t it? Next time, be confident while ordering a buttercream icing cake through online cake delivery option.

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2. Ganache

Ganache Cake Icing

Ganache can be considered to be an all- in- one type of icing . It can be used as a cake topping, a glaze, chocolate filling and even as a filling for pastries. Ganache can also be used as an alternative to buttercream. Delicious isn’t it? A simple ganache can be prepared by using equal amounts of cream and chocolate. First, the cream is simmered and then poured over chopped chocolate. This mixture is then made into a smooth paste. It may be the liquid form initially but it becomes quite firm once it sets. Your ganache is then ready to be used! Drizzle it over your cake or cover the entire cake with ganache, choice is yours! However, it is recommended that ganache is best avoided over sponge cakes as they are too delicate. Also, don’t miss to use ganache as a filling for your chocolates too! Go ahead, when you buy cake online ask for ganache cake icing

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3. Fondant

Fondant Cake Icing

Fondant icing is a type of edible icing used to decorate pastries and cakes. Fondant is usually stiff and firm and therefore helps in keeping cakes fresh for a longer time. This type of icing is normally used for big cakes and wedding cakes. Since fondant last longer, its used on cakes that require some travelling. Order cake online and enjoy the freshness and goodness of Foundant icing. There are two types of fondant. Both of which have been explained below.

A) Rolled Fondant

This type of fondant is most preferred to decorate occasion cakes. It is made up of water, sugar, gelatin and glycerine( food grade) and has a dough like consistency. Rolled fondant is smooth in appearance and when used on cakes,it gives a polished look to cakes. Rolled fondant is also very flexible and hence can be moulded into various shapes used in decorating cakes. Would you like to order your fondant icing cake? Place your cake order online today!

B) Poured Fondant

This type of fondant has a pourable consistency and attains a glossy look upon drying. Poured fondant is mostly used as a topping for cakes and pastries.

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4. Fudge Icing

Fudge Cake Icing

This type of icing is prepared by mixing cocoa powder, milk or cream, sugar and other flavourings. This mixture is then boiled and cooked till it becomes thick. Initially, it may be of pourable consistency but upon cooling it becomes firm, fudge like consistency. It is therefore advisable to use fudge icing as soon as it is cooked to be able to spread it easily. It is slightly different from caramel icing in that, cocoa powder is used instead of brown sugar to prepare it. Order Cakes Online and enjoy the delicious Fudge Icing cake. We deliver to Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and other 70+ cities in India.

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5. Cream Cheese Icing

Cream cheese Cake Icing

A favourite of all, this icing is prepared by combining butter, cream cheese and icing sugar. The biggest advantage of this type of icing is that , it can be either smoothened out to give an even finish or fluffed up. A fluffy look gives the cake a very casual look and makes it even more irresistible! Cream cheese icing is normally used to decorate carrot cakes and cupcakes. Grab this mouthwatering icing cake today! Order it through Cake Online Delivery and make your life simpler.

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6. Royal Icing

Royal Cake Icing

Royal icing has multiple uses and it can be prepared easily at home. It is a simple mixture of egg whites,icing sugar and acetic acid. Although it has a consistency that can be piped, it becomes hard once it dries. It can be used to pre- make cake decorations and be used later. Due to its consistency and utility, royal icing is often confused with fondant. You don’t waste your time thinking , order your cake with royal icing right away!

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Marzipan Cake Icing

Marzipan, also known as marchpane is thick and flexible. It is used in preparing cake decorations. It can be rolled like a fondant and used as a filling or cake layer too. Marzipan is made up of sugar, almond paste , and other flavourings. It gives a very elegant look to the cake. Is your mouth watering already? Do not wait long to get your marzipan cake ordered. Order Cake Online in India and enjoy it with your loved ones!

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8. Mexican Paste

Mexican Paste -Cake Icing

If you want a glossier icing on your cake then Mexican paste is your best go –to-icing. It is similar to fondant but more firm and glossy.It is much more whiter than other pastes. It is normally used to make small and intricate moulds and other decorative pieces for cakes. Mexican paste may not be one of the best icing to be used to cover an entire cake. You can even make a gown out of Mexican paste! Anyone interested?

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9. Pastillage

Pastillage Cake Icing

Pastillage is similar to fondant except that it is not soft like fondant. It will become hard once it has set. Pastillage is often used for making sculptural elements on cakes. Highly stylized cakes are best made with the help of Pastillage. Send Cakes to India and make your loved ones occasion memorable.

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10. Frosting

Frosting Cake Icing

Those yummy and delicious swirls on your cupcakes are nothing but frosting. Unlike buttercream ,frosting consists of pasteurized dried egg white (Meri-White) that helps it hold on to its shape on the cupcakes. Due to the presence of Meri-White , which adds stability to the frosting, it can be used on a warm day and yet get a firm swirl on your cupcake!. Hopefully we have managed to give you a fair idea about the different types of cake icing available, to choose from! So, go ahead choose your pick and make the most out of it. Happy cake making!

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Can I order different Icing for my online cake delivery order?

Yes you can, many online cake delivery shops can bake cakes with different icings. Now that you know which icing will suit the cake, customize your online cake delivery order!

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