Top 10 Cake Recipes From Cake Shop in Mumbai

Top 10 Cake Recipes From Cake Shop in Mumbai

Moist… soft crumbs…super delicious toppings…glittering cream…mesmerizing look. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about the fabulous and most sought after dessert – CAKES. For celebrating any occasion, there can’t be a better way other than cakes. And how does it feel if we say all these cakes can be prepared in your kitchen. (more…)

What are photo cakes and can I order photo cake online?

Get your own..very personalized photo cakes delivered to your door step. No matter what the occasion is Photo cakes create the wow factor as they are customized as per your request. Be it an anniversary, friend’s wedding, your colleges birthday you can now have the cake the way you want. Find out what photo cakes are and how are they made? Just to give you a taste, some examples of photo cakes are displayed below.