13 Interesting Facts about Lilly Flowers

13 Interesting Facts about Lilly Flowers

Lilies are the most popular type of flowers found ranking fourth across the globe. There are more than 100 species of lilies known to humans. A beautiful sweet smelling lily flower bouquet. can be a perfect present for any special person.

Lilies are usually planted during spring and summer season. But, do you know that there are many flowers that have the word "lily" in their common name, such as the day-lily, water-lily, and arum-lily, these actually belong to other groups of flowering plants.

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Here are some other interesting facts about Lily flowers -

1. A Lily flower represents purity and refined beauty, though different colors of Lily flower can have different meaning.

2. Lilies grow 2 to 6 feet in height depending on their species.

3. Lilies are propagated mainly by means of bulbs. As growing lilies from seeds may take a longer time to bloom, in some cases maybe five to six years.

4. Lilies do not require daily watering. But whenever you water the plant, ensure that you water enough to reach the underground bulb which is deep in the soil.

5. Lilies have just three petals in addition to three sepals. However, the sepals of a lily resemble the petals, making it look as if the flower actually has 6 petals.

6. Lilies can be grown by planting seed, seedlings of cut-flower plantation methods.

7. Lilies are odorless! Except white lily and tiger lilies.

8. The Tiger Lily also known as Ditch Lily is a fiery orange flower covered by spots on the petals. Giving a tiger look, and so they are referred as tiger lily.

9. Lilies are used as food plants. Some species are poisonous if eaten and can have adverse health effects and some are perfectly edible for food purpose.

10. Lily also has some medicinal properties. Main health benefit of lily flower is that it helps in regulating the heart rate thereby allowing the heart to function more efficiently and regularly.

11. Also Lily oil has healing and softening properties for sensitive skin types.

12. Lilies have a nice long blooming period. Remove the stamens before pollen can be produced so that they remain fresh for a longer time.

13. Lily is a perennial plant, wildly surviving for more than 2 years.

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Hope you enjoyed knowing these Lily flowers facts!

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