10 facts about Gerbera Flower-Buy Gerbera Flowers Online

10 facts about Gerbera Flower-Buy Gerbera Flowers Online

Confused with what choice of flowers to surprise your loved one? Think no further. What can be a fabulous gesture to symbolize happiness to near and dear ones other than to order gerbera flower delivery? With variety of vibrant colors and stunning fragrances, Gerberas are the best choice to evoke cheerfulness.

Buy Gerbera Flower Online

Although the literal meaning of Gerbera includes purity, wholesomeness and cheerfulness, they are also symbolically referred to cheerfulness and excitement due to the spectrum of colors it offer. Alike to its beauty, the facts associated with Gerbera flowers are also equally stunning.

1. Countless Varieties: Though Gerberas can be categorized into 30 different species, they have much more to offer. Thanks to the various sizes and color options, a mind-boggling thousand varieties or forms are available.

2. Dazzling daisies: Gerbera closely resembles daisies and this similarity is mainly attributed to their bright colors. Hence they are also referred as Gerbera Daisy or African daisy.

3. Spectrum of Colors: Name a bright color and the chances of finding a Gerbera flower with same color are quite large. Such is the assortment of colors, they are available in white, red, pink, orange, and their associated shades.

4. Long Life: Perhaps one of the vital reasons for its huge acceptability lies in its incredible ability to look fresh even for a week. Isn’t it a wonderful reason to brighten your room?

5. Size Matters: While the flower head of smaller gerberas known as mini gerbera is around 3 inches, the measure of larger ones can be as large as 7 inches. No wonder they evoke a wow factor!

6. Famous Five: On the ranks of popularity, Gerbera comes fifth next only to Roses, Carnation, Chrysanthemum and Tulip. Definitely, its popularity speaks volume about its acceptance.

7. The African Origin: It is true that Gerbera flowers enjoy universal reception. But the flower was first spotted in Transvaal, South Africa by a Scotsman more than a century ago and since then it was never short of highlights. The flower is named after a German scientific breeder, Dr. Traugott Gerber.

8. Where to Globetrot for Gerbera: The potted version of Gerbera flowers are profoundly sighted in California and Florida states of United States of America. But the largest quantum of cut Gerberas are found in Columbia and Netherlands. This very aspect explains wide geographic popularity it enjoys.

9. A Joint Effort: The flower head of a Gerbera presents the appearance of a single flower. Actually, it is not so. It is a huge cluster of hundreds of flowers. What can be a better engineering marvel of nature?

10. Smart Gerbera: Gerbera has its inherent safety mechanism and defense systems against few fungal diseases. Their brilliant colors render dual advantages to nature – provide safe haven to bees and butterflies and thereby create the perfect conditions for pollination.

Owing to its wide cultivation and easy availability, nowadays it is rather a cake walk to buy gerbera flower online. Although Gerbera is the birth flower of April, it perfectly suits for each and every occasion cutting across all seasons of the year. Again with least maintenance efforts, it is easily one of the best flowers to infuse radiance in your living room or office.

Where can I buy gerbera flowers online

Due to its popularity, you will find that lot of online websites offer gerbera flower delivery. At www.indianbakers.com you will find a large variety to pick from. You can also mix other flowers to the bouquet to create the wow factor.

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